Monday, March 2, 2009

Jessica and Matt Flannery, Co Founders and Directors of

We hear a lot about crises related to banking these days so it seems an apt antidote to learn about, a bank that uses technology to connect would be lenders of amounts as small as $25 to people all over the world who need loans to run and grow their businesses. I'm one of those lenders, and this month I saw my first loan was getting repaid; the system was working! These innovative systems don't "just happen" -- so I was delighted to find this interview with the co-founders of Kiva talking about their reasons for starting this innovative microfinance system.


  1. Hi Melissa- This is a great highlight on how finance and social "Dreamers and Doers" are blending. Great showcase. I see that you are the founder of Midwest Environmental Advocates and thought you should know about the Carbon Advice Group.

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    Murray Newlands, CMO

  2. On this Crisis, we can try to build with micro banking system. In indonesia we can survive