Thursday, April 2, 2009

Social Entrepreneurs - the common threads that connect us

So far this year I've featured people focused on anti-gang work, urban farming, and micro-finance. They are all social entrepreneurs, but what does this mean? When faced with mounting problems, social entrepreneurs see opportunities. They believe before they see. And they see the end result before they even get started on a project. Call it a leap of faith, instinct, or madness, but we need more people taking these steps to transform the deficits around us into assets for the community. Here's a video that provides a good overview of a variety of social entrepreneurs and their importance in our world.


  1. This is a nice overview. I think it speaks to the potential of new connectivity to share inspiring stories and accelerate the movement of social innovation around the world.

  2. Indeed - reminds us there are numerous opportunities for change and progress, even small ones in our own neighborhoods.

  3. in my country, entrepreneurship it's very important to be survive, because of there is a little job that we can find.