Monday, May 4, 2009

Jesús León Santos - Center for Integral Campesino Development

As we enjoy Cinco de Mayo, I've got Mexico on my mind. The Oaxaca region of Mexico is one that is rich in culture, but has the highest migration of indigenous people to the U.S. every year in search of work. Deforested 500 years ago, this now arid and highly eroded landscape makes it very difficult to grow food and get out of poverty. Although Jesús León Santos had never seen forests growing in his community, he and others kept a 500 year-old dream alive and formed the Center for Integral Campesino Development to restore the area to its former vibrancy. They have planted millions of trees, restored once-diminished water supplies, and established thriving sustainable agriculture. This story is not just highlighting Jesús as an incredible social entrepreneur, but one that shows the power of the community working together. Si se puede!

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